Thursday, September 01, 2005

Somehow I'm Behind in Everything...

Here I am again, two days behind in posting, and months behind in reading and paying bills. Anyhow, for the last two days, I have been helping some friends at their organic bakery (Organic Oven), packing hundreds of cookies and helping with deliveries.
Today was a particularly long day of deliveries, 7 in total. Between our furthest east (Danforth) and furthest west (Clarkson) destinations, all the deliveries took us nearly 6 hours to complete.
Of course I had my mother call me to find me, and at the same time my friend received a call from my brother. Apparently both my mother and brother were looking for me at the same time. Go figure, huh? Anyhow, that is about all, except for talking to a long-time ex-boyfriend earlier today. Funny how people come out of the woodwork, isn't it?


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