Thursday, January 25, 2007

some new photos straight from the agency

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Birthday Boy

Here is another picture from the birthday boy's day. This particular picture was taken at my place. He was getting the cake ready for consumption.

DInner Plans

The Sultan's Tent!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Voices!

So here we are, 22 days into the new year, and absolutely nada on my blog. Time to right that wrong. The last several weeks have been eventful, for the good and for the not-so-good. At this point, I am still jobless and somewhat frustrated. Apparently a University educated gal like myself has to resort to job agencies, and still I cannot find anything there. The bills are coming in, and there is no way to stave off the flood.
In other news, I have been keeping myself busy. The beading of my wedding dress is underway. At this point, I have lost count of how many beads there are, or how many times my fingers have been punctured. Ah well, a labour of love! Hopefully this endeavour will not take more than a month or so.
My hunny's birthday was this past Saturday, and it was a quite unique celebration. I suppose everything started with Friday night's impulsive cake baking. Started baking cake just after 11pm, let it cool and went shopping for icing around 12:30am. The cake was a great success, maybe it was the Bailey's I put in to the mixture? On Saturday we went to church, and afterwards went home for cake. Later on in the evening we met up with an old friend for dinner at a Moroccan restaurant. It is called The Sultan's Tent and it features bellydancers any night. I definitely recommend it! The food was amazing and so was the decor. If you are interested in the restaurant, it is advisable to make reservations weeks in advance.
For the last little while I have been helping my younger brother on an essay for his grade 12 year. Topic: Loyalty in The Godfather. I know it was a good excuse to watch the first two movies, and to re-read the book as well. Also had fun reading The Last Don. Now I have a few more of Puzo's books to read for fun. Also started reading Towards a Canada of Light, which was written by one of my professors. I am almost done reading it, and I just started it a day or two ago. It is a book that makes me feel like I am back in the classroom listening to this man's insight. So, that's the latest news, and I will post something again soon.