Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Perhaps I was a Pessimist?

After yesterday's fiasco in court, I have not heard anything back from the police officer. So, I hope things will stay quiet for the next few days.
Today was a productive day. We visited a lady from our church, I made dinner (salad with a vinagrette dressing, spaghetti and sauce). Apparently everyone enjoyed it. Additionally I went out for some practice driving, and made no mistakes. I have my test this Friday and I hope to pass it this time. I am following the advice of several people, which is channeling negative energy into positive things, like driving.
The most surprising note today: my parents have been quite pleasant and have not said anything about the court business of yesterday. Are things too good to be true?

As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse...

Today was the second court date, so Dave and I appeared around 9am for the court session. After waiting nearly 4 hours; being threatened; and touched by my stalker, things are more or less the same as before. My stalker again did not have a lawyer (although he was informed 2 weeks ago that he needed one).
So next week my parents are coming with me to court. Apparently they are upset at me for not letting them come along. However, most of the time they are not supportive at all. They go from blaming me to supposedly being "supportive". At any rate, I made an official complaint to the police and again I had an officer come to my place to take another statement. He confirmed the information with Dave and went out to talk to my stalker tonight.
In other news, we took a trip to York to get some stuff done for school. Go figure that the year I will be done, things are finally getting streamlined! You can now get your GO BUS discount card mailed to you, and all OSAP papers can be processed in one place.
Amazing! That just means that something else will go wrong soon.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sweet Dreams

I have not left a post up here in the last two nights, so here is the latest news. We went out to Jeremy's party last night, which was a great success. He really liked the bottle of Crown Royal that Dave and I got him. I am quite sure that he is enjoying as I write this blog entry. So we had a few beers last night with a small group of Blogger people up in Hamilton and then came back to my place.
My friend who came over last month came over again, this time with her brother as well. So even though it was already 1.30am when we got back, we were up until nearly 3am anyhow.
Church yesterday was confusing, to the say the least. To say the most, I think I fell asleep for a few minutes (because I was not feeling all that well)! Anyhow, Dave told me about the birthday gift he got me, which was something I had been talking about for the last little while. Thank you again for the birthday gift hunny (tickets to see Macbeth performed opera style at the Hummingbird Centre about 4 days after my birthday!) I love you, darling. I hope you have a good day at work and can tolerate the people.
Sweet Dreams to all!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Flips, Tricks and Bruising

This afternoon was spent yet again at T.I.B., doing another class. As you can see from the title, it describes the day in a nutshell. Today I took a class with Martin Zikmund, who is a professional flair bartender. We were wowed by his abilities, but very few of us were up to his standard. Oh well, practice makes perfect I suppose!
We were taught to do a variety of tricks with some spills and very little damage. Some of my more daring classmates tried the flaming Sambuca trick, but I was content with a shot of it instead ;).
It was a great day overall, although I have some sore hands and possibly a few bruises to show for it. At any rate, I have yet to take the Wines of Ontario Workshop, which also promises to be quite educational.
Dinner for tomorrow night: Tandoori Chicken (compliments of me) and Saffron Rice (compliments of my mother).

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Let's Go to the Ex!

Today's quite exciting day was spent at the CNE with my fiancé, mom, brother, and one of my brother's friends. When we made it downtown around noon, the younger ones disappeared to go on the rides and play games.
Us, the remaining three, took a walk through several buildings. I tried on clothing, tried some naturopathic emu oil for my hands, and looked at an assortment of wonderful items. After trying some luck with the midway games, I ran into the younger brother of a high school friend. I won a big, multicolour dog and a small gorilla.
Next we travelled around the world, or at least to the pavillions of the world. Here we saw many beautiful things, including some merchandise we will purchase in the future.
We met up with my brother after that, and both he and his friend had accumulated some stuffed animals. The kids went loose again and we ate chicken and beef shwarma in pitas.
We returned to the pavillions and watched a show, wandered some more and I bought my first saree. We met the younger ones again, they got food and then we went to watch the Eukanuba dog show. After that, I purchase a few more items and the three of us headed for the food building. We ate some scrumptious goat roti and tamarind balls.
Finally we headed home for the night...

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Happy Day

Ever felt that everything was good in your life, all at once? These last few days seem to be a new heaven for me and my sweetheart. We got our new car, my parents finally made it back home, and today is an extra-special day.
Perhaps I am quite silly about keeping track, but today celebrates three and half years with my sweetie, Dave. (It has also been two whole months since we have been engaged!) We have had good times and bad times, but somehow we are still together. Happy Anniversary!
All right, I can see people like Jeremy rolling their eyes about now, so I will stop for the present moment.

Friday, August 19, 2005

On the Road Again

This afternoon around 5pm, we finally attained our new car! Going for a spin in it later after some insurance paperwork is cleared up.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Baby Awaits...

Finally Completed
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Car Procedures...

After playing some phone tag with the car salesman, it seems as though we are getting the financing underway for our new car. Hopefully we will have it in a few days' time....

At the Speed of Pizza

Ever wonder how long it takes to deliver a pizza these days? Apparently no less than 2 hours from Little Caesar's Pizza! Go figure that we ended up ordering from another place as well, and then we had far too much pizza.
At any rate, it was a good excuse to have Dave over to share our midnight snack.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Are we there yet?

First off, today is my parents' 28th wedding anniversary, and hopefully they are enjoying this day together.
Secondly, after talking with the salesman at the dealership again today, he is working on whether or not we end up with our Sunfire. I am praying at this point that we do end up with the car. Apparently if it all works out, we would have the car by Friday.
Thirdly, my grandfather called today after receiving the engagement card I had made. He congratulated both me and Dave, said we made a good match and wished us all happiness. :D Since my grandfather did receive the card, it means that my uncle had a safe trip and is now in Trinidad.
Now I am awaiting a call from the dealership and I will post news later on it.
Addendum: We now have a car and we are doing the paperwork for it on Friday.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

On the Road Again, or almost...

This morning and afternoon were spent travelling around two cities with errands planned. Of the many things on the to-do list for this month, here is what was accomplished today.
Picked up some nice cards for both sets of parents, and a new bottle of vodka for my practicing ;). Also, we test drove a car. Alright, it is not brand new, but for the price and the mileage, we are not doing to badly. Today we looked at a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire coupe (red) and took it for a spin. We were hoping for a newer one, but at just over $11 000 with 48 000 km on it, it does not look all that bad.
Hopes are that we will get a car shortly, because I am still on the job hunt, and a car would make it a lot easier to get around!
In addition, I enjoyed quite a nice time just being around my sweetheart without the parental hawks around. He is at work now, but I am sure this will be the first thing he reads when he gets in.

Monday, August 15, 2005

To Drive, Or Drive Oneself Crazy?

After composing a to-do list for the remainder of August, I realize that there is still quite a bit to do. Of course there is the tedious beginning of the school year, with books, bus passes, and forms to fill.
Other than that, the job hunt is on. I have some places in mind and am hoping someone will give me a job. I also have my driving test to do very early in September.
My parents' anniversary is this month on Wednesday (28 years) and Dave's parents' anniversary is also this month (25 years). So I have to get gifts for all of these people.
We are hoping to get our new car soon, or at least as soon as our financing details are all arranged.
A busy month for me, not including my second court date which is coming up shortly.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Wo sind die Schmerztabletten?

Here we are on Sunday, which I have spent mostly in bed. I suppose that this suggests undue laziness on my part, but I should clarify. Apparently sometime earlier this week I managed to strain my back. So for the last 4 days or so, I have been suffering with back pain.
So life is all fantastic for me!
In this next week it looks as though we are going car hunting together. This will be our first car that we both have to come to a consensus on.
Hopefully this week will be better than last week! :)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Getting Back to It

I have decided after a long talk last night with my sweetie that things have to change. I am sick and tired of being walked all over, and I think it is about time I take a stand against it.
I have no need to be scared of my stalker, as fear only manages to cripple me. Instead, I am using all my energy to thwart any further problems.
Today I am going to visit with family for a few hours, and shortly my posts will become more academic as I start poring through material for the upcoming school year.
After a pleasant afternoon visiting with family, we were driven home. Of course, Mr. X was not out of my area yet for the night, as he briefly followed us down the street.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Longest Day

This morning I was up bright and early to attend my court date. After being accompanied by my dad and friend, we sat in the court room for nearly an hour. My stalker finally showed up nearly 40 minutes later than initially scheduled.
My matter is to come before another hearing because of some delays today, so I have to appear in court towards the end of the month again.
My stalker decided to follow me home most of the way, asking me first how I was, blowing me kisses and then indicating that I should call him. None of these gestures did I return.
At this point in time I am getting fed up with this whole case, and I pray that it will be over shortly. However, the way it is going now, it seems as though a resolution is far away.
Today has been a myriad of emotions, because I do not know what to do. I am feeling a bit better that I could face him and not flinch today, but at the same time, I am still quite shaken up.
In better news, my sweetie came over this afternoon and we had a good time just being together. I really and truly appreciate my sweetie's support through this difficult time, it has meant the world to me. Anyhow, I got to watch a baseball game this afternoon as well, but did not participate. I suppose that is all for now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Two Days to Go

After taking a quick trip to visit where my fiancé works this afternoon, and running a few errands, we returned to my place.
In another two days, I will be facing my stalker in court. It has been nearly two months since I have seen him last, but I do not know how many times he has seen me in the last while. I am only hoping now that this pre-trial will lead to a formal peace bond hearing.
I bear no animosity or ill-will to this person, I would just like to be able to move on with my life. I wish the best for him in the future, but I hope that he will cease and desist with attempting to contact me.
This whole situation has not been so good for me. My body has regressed into bouts of breathing problems, most likely due to the way I am stressing out. I have been told not to worry, but sometimes that just does not work. All I know is that I cannot let my fears and worries get the better of me. If I do that, I may become suicidal again. Some worry is necessary in life, but not so much that it destroys the happy elements of life. So, I resolve not to worry too much, and take this one day at a time.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Big Over Easy

Finished reading The Big Over Easy yesterday, the fifth book by Jasper Fforde. The first few books, I admit were a bit better, but the last hundred or so pages were the best part of this book.
Went out today on the job hunt. I managed to drop off one resume and had a brief interview. Of course the place I went to was looking for a full-time bartender. However, I may still receive a call-back from them. At any rate, there are still many other places to try.
Yesterday we also had a bit of a shock and some bad news. Apparently we have had something of a large value stolen from us within the last few weeks.
A few days left until court, and the nerves are finally settling down. I just want all of this to be over as fast as possible.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Running on Half Empty

So here we are in the still of the night, the time the bogey man comes out to play. These last few weeks have been stressful, but then again, in the soap opera that my life is, what is normal anymore?
Heading off to court next week, and everyone is acting like its all my fault for what happened in June. I am getting fucking sick and tired of everyone's laying the blame on me. Yes, I am responsible for part of the problem, but I know it takes two to tango as well. I am finally making a positive move here, confronting my fear, and taking this asshole to court. Unfortunately I live in a household that deems, 'you're the female, therefore its your fault'. There is never someone to listen, only to criticise. So I am stuck listening to my parents telling me how lucky I am to have my fiance (something to the effect, 'you should be glad he still wants you'). Of course I have the standard as well, that the way that you dress determines what men will do to you.And the coup de grace, my father's little comment yesterday, "you're so young, you don't know anything about the world." Irony and understatement of the year if I ever heard it. Let's just count the things that make me naive.
1. Having my heart broken when I was 19, and getting $2000 stolen from me (which was never recovered)
2. Having suicidal thoughts because I couldn't explain my feelings (and even trying to kill myself)
3. Almost losing my fiance due to an accident a year ago
4. My mother being away and almost losing my father to a serious heart attack
5. How about this one: being raped, and then blackmailed into sex, and now being stalked (by said ex-boyfriend)
Please tell me which one of these things demonstrates my inability to understand the workings of this world? Sometimes I think its a wonder that I am still on this planet today. It is only because of the few people who understand that I am just trying to survive. But of course, I am female, right? So that means I will live with my "Original Sin" for the rest of my life. What is it that Hamlet says to Ophelia? (excuse my paraphrasing) 'No matter how pious you act, you are still a whore after all' Well, looks like Shakespeare lives on...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

About a Week to GO...

I suppose I am finally getting ready for this court date of mine. I am not looking forward to it, but it is a hurdle which I know I can overcome. Fortunately, one of my close friends will be coming to court for some moral support.
Other than that, I have been reading the Essential McLuhan and I seemingly cannot get out of "school mode". Perhaps I should clarify, the margins have already been penciled in quite liberally.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday Blahs

First of all, Happy Simcoe Day, otherwise known as the August Civic Holiday.
Secondly, I am becoming rather lazy and disinterested with productive things. Perhaps that is why I can not think up anything useful to post here. For the last few days I have done nothing except work away at my little cross-stitch creations (thanks hun, again, for the wonderful fairy book!). I suppose you could call me creative, but I do not think that is it.
The real problem is that I am not looking forward to next week's court date. I have to face my stalker, and it is only a pre-trial. Once this goes through, there may be another court date set for the future. I just hope that this comes to a peaceful resolution in the end.

My Turn

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