Wednesday, December 29, 2004

World Events

This world is really a crazy place sometimes, isn’t it? The crisis in Southeast Asia has really started my thinking on the devastating effects that natural disasters can truly have. The last I heard, close to 30 thousand people are dead, and the death toll is set to rise even higher. Furthermore, everyone is worried that disease epidemics will begin because of the contamination. I don’t know what I can personally do to help, but I hope and pray that the search and rescue efforts will be somewhat fruitful where it is possible for help.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Boxing Day

Well, here it is, the day after Christmas, Boxing Day. Today was supposed to be the day that my family and I went over the border into the U.S. to do our shopping. However, the snow was falling this morning and the roads were too slippery to drive on. So, our trip has been postponed until tomorrow, of course, weather permitting.
I hope everyone had a good Christmas, and although I don’t celebrate it, I still enjoyed myself. We went to a Christmas get-together at my uncle and aunt’s house, where we were surrounded by many noisy children and adults all having fun. Although I don’t know my entire aunt’s family by name (as she has 13 siblings) it was fun all the same.
One of the guests had brought a Karaoke machine, which was well used by many of the people there. Surprisingly, one of these people was yours truly. Apparently, I have a singing voice, but I don’t know about that.
Anyhow, Christmas day was enjoyable, although I have a sore throat today and a headache. Now there’s only New Year’s to look forward to. It seems as though I won’t be going out anywhere this year, again, because this time everyone is sick. Oh well, I’m sure some of my family members will be organizing something to do. Keep well all and Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

The tree is under attack! Posted by Hello
This year she doesn't want to play surrogate tree, she wants the real thing!

Cleta's first Christmas Posted by Hello

My kitty last year at her first Christmas, all dolled up in the decorations for the tree. Here's Santa Claws!

Cleta's second Christmas Posted by Hello

Here's my kitty again at her second Christmas, this time she thinks she's a present instead of the tree. Another year older, another year wiser??

Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve.

Well, here we are again, the joyous time of year, Christmas Eve 2004. It’s been a year since I’ve reflected on Christmas as a whole, so let’s see if I have any new reflections. I know that I don’t really enjoy Christmas, mainly for the craziness of shoppers in the malls. I was asked if I wanted to go to the mall today, but I kindly declined, mainly because I know the state of the mall on the last day of shopping. A few years ago I worked in retail, and I know the hassles of the seasons. I think one of my favourite stories is when I worked in a kiosk in the mall. A man, who was third in line asked if he could go first, because he only had one purchase to make. I replied that there wasn’t any express lane at our kiosk, and he would have to wait his turn. He muttered some obscenities, placed his purchase on the counter, and walked off. I smiled and wished him a very happy holiday season. Retail is a nightmare around any major holiday, but Christmas is definitely the worst. So please, all of you shopping today, be kind to the sales people, they have enough stress to deal with.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Winter is Here!

Today, I woke up to see a winter wonderland outside. It was snowing and there were ice pellets falling. Yet again, I was not feeling too well, so I had breakfast and crawled back into bed, sleeping until 3:30pm. Wouldn’t you know it, that’s when everyone in the world calls me. Well there isn’t much that I could do about that. I was sick and sleeping was helping me feel somewhat better.
So here I am, close to the end of the day, waiting for people to return my calls. I’ve done laundry, the dishes, packed away the laundry, and now I am sitting in front of my computer compiling today’s entry. I am well aware that I am procrastinating on the studying and essay writing that I have yet to do, but that is not bothering me too much yet. I will attend to that sometime in the next week.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Eiffel 2004 Posted by Hello
As any of my close friends know, over the summer of 2004 I had the opportunity to travel to Europe with my family. The experience was remarkable, and made me desire more traveling adventures in the future. Of course, this is a picture of the famous La Tour Eiffel, picture compliments of my younger brother. He's shaping up to be quite a photographer. Over the next little while, watch for my snippit postings of select travel pictures from the summer of 2004. *<:O)=

To All My Friends

Here is a posting wishing everyone a happy holiday season. Apparently many people are down around this time of year, and I’ve taken it upon myself to try and cheer people up. Perhaps this little posting won’t make it out to everyone, but to those that it does I hope you smile. I want all my friends to know that you are all special to me and I appreciate each and every one of you. There are some of my friends who are good listeners, others who are great at cheering others up, and always a few who know my deepest fears and troubles. I pray that all of you will be safe over the holidays, don’t take any excessive risks (i.e. drinking and driving), because I want to see you all healthy and happy in the new year of 2005. Cheers to all and Season’s Greetings.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hello all, here's a recent picture Posted by Hello
Since I'm somewhat new to the idea of posting pictures up on the web, here's the first picture I've managed to figure out how to post. Now that I've figured out how it all works, I will be putting up new pictures from time to time. Keep watching for new pictures, happy holidays.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

When will the Insanity Stop??

I am pleased to note tonight, although yesterday is already gone, that one of my friends has finally come back down to earth. Other than that I’ve had a rather interesting day, between the preparations for a dinner guest, and stuffing mushrooms. Apparently everyone said they were a success, I’m still doubtful of that.
Tonight’s been an intriguing night. I’ve had some people pestering me lately, and it needs to stop before I go haywire. Some people are far too demanding and stubborn, and others can’t just get the hint to leave me alone. What a wonderful world it would be if people who don’t need to bother me, would just disappear. I will have further word on this topic shortly.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Today's News

Since I have not posted a blog entry in nearly two days, I figure I write something of a more substantial length for this one. So far I’ve been on “vacation” for almost a week, although it doesn’t really feel like that. I’ve had various tasks since the week started, the one I dread the most is cleaning. Apparently in my household, there’s no such thing as ‘Spring Cleaning,’ here it has been translated into ‘Almost-Winter Cleaning’. There’s no snow on the ground yet that’s stayed around long enough, so I guess it is cleaning season.
We all seem to be busy around this time of year, even those of us who don’t celebrate anything during this holiday season. I’ve been out shopping for three consecutive days, with respective parents, not doing any real shopping, as the lack of funds prevents such events at current time.
Today I’ve spent the day typing some articles for my father who is afraid of touching a computer, but I’ve managed to escape the whirlwind of my mother’s cookie/cake baking. Apparently though, I hear that fresh white bread has been made. Other than that activity, I’ve picked up my flute, which not many people have ever heard me play. Of course, I’m terribly rusty, but trying my best. I also realize that it is a lot more difficult than I remember it being, considering I was out of breath after some basic warm-up exercises. Perhaps when I have some cash available I will go and take those lessons I’ve been talking about.
This weekend coming up will prove to be an interesting one, as I have two consecutive church meetings to attend. I will, however, not make last week’s mistake of the 12 hour day in high heels. This time comfortable apparel will be on my feet, no matter how out of place they might look. Well, seems as though I’ve written quite a bit for today, so keep well all, and try not to get too bogged down during this holiday season.

Monday, December 13, 2004

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Here I am again, bickering about another fun day in the time around Christmas. I have never celebrated Christmas, so perhaps this is why I don't have any happy memories about it. But I do have to admit, there seems to be something that gets to me every year around the Christmas season. I think it is the Christmas-musak which ininundates every mall and store that you enter. I know that these songs are supposed to put you in the mood of Christmas, but all they seem to do is put everyone in the mood of buying.
At the Christmas Banquet I attended a few days ago, someone asked what the true spirit of Christmas was. I jokingly remarked that it was a Visa or Mastercard, whichever one you happen to prefer. So what do you know, today, the first day I don't have to attend classes, I was assigned to bake cookies, lots of cookies. In other words Sugar (Holiday/Christmas) cookies. In the process of creating around 100 cookies, the first of the lot, that damn Christmas music which I had been trying to avoid, struck again.
Apparently my mind clicks into Christmas Songs when I start to make cookies in December. It seems to be a one-time-a-year phenomenon. I was singing and decorating cookies, about 10 of which I ate, only to learn that this is only the beginning. Seems as though this will be my task for most of the week. Well, Here comes Santa Claus...

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Something a bit more personal

I don't know yet who may be reading this blog, but this will be the first, more personal entry of note. For those people who know me, some perhaps may know that I've written some poetry and some has been published. Here is one of them:

Written on the Body

Dig this shallow grave
Eyes scorch the back
Bruise the body,
Smash the face.

Script in Blood,
Hollow Bones.
Poetry, handprints burn.
To write, to dismember
Same difference.

ERASE? – hardly but maybe
Scratch, tear, gouge

Write the Body
Angel, mortal, Immortal Distortion
Crumple, obliterate this script
Loops and whirls, twirls and whorls.
Fingerprint, retina – characters of LOVE?

Skin dead, body dust
Rip the soul – shatter the mirror
Sinews, tissue, blood – DEATH?
Carnal lust – body surges – destroyed salvation
Script a form
Love – Profane Misuse
Body – Fleshy Pulp
Disintegrate – Truth

Letting off some STEAM!

Well, here I am; it is Saturday night, and I'm here in front of my computer instead of being out on the town. Or rather, Steam nightclub. One of my more favourite places to be, other than home. This lovely day was spent at church, then at a Christmas Banquet at another church. That meant nearly 12 hours of nylons and high heeled shoes. I have sore feet, gripes at one particular person, and have watched "Dodgeball" twice in the last two days. If you haven't seen this movie yet, don't bother, unless of course you would like to numb your mind with some pointless humour. I wouldn't call this little post a rant, rather a release of some minor tension. Although of course, this day has left me with flash blindness, from above-mentioned dinner and ringing in my ears, aka fire alarm and deafening Christmas carols. Well, I'm surprised to see that no one has posted any comments on my blog yet, not even the person who should have mentioned something! Anyhow, this little running on of thought should end here, my tension has been diffused for now.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I woke up this morning to see snow falling, and dreaded getting ready to go out. Besides that, at the precise moment when I had started getting ready, the fire alarms began to ring in the building. Isn't the weekend a time where it should be peaceful? I guess not.

A Strange Week In the Den

For the first official blog, I'd like to invite everyone to visit here from time to time. I'll go by the name Vixen, for those who don't know me, and for those who do, its Viv.
All in all, exam time is rather stressful at any learning institution. However, this week seems to be a week from literally, hell. Perhaps I wouldn't have cared as much about that exam on Wednesday, if I had had the opportunity to write it and get over with it. Seems as though some disgruntled student decided that they hadn't studied enough, and therefore called in a bomb threat to York. And to think, I actually studied for this exam!
Enough about that though, let's focus a bit more on what has happened today. By now, everyone has heard the news, a teacher was shot at a highschool in Brampton. These days, it seems as though that this is a common phenomenon. However, my younger brother goes to this particular school, Bramalea Secondary School. It's funny how the "safety net" of school can be disrupted by something as dreadful as a shooting. One would think we've returned to the Old West, with gunslingers and saloons. However, we are here, at an ordinary school on a rather miserable December day. The teacher, was a math teacher, as I have heard, who taught the tenth grade. Apparently, one of my brother's friends is a student of this particular teacher. It's funny isn't it? You wouldn't think that this could hit so close to home. I've always considered my area relatively safe, but this has got me thinking otherwise.
On a sad note, I have just learned that the teacher has died. My prayers are with her loved ones. Why must the innocent suffer so much?

In Memorium of Mrs. Candir

Another note on the recent tragedy at Bramalea Secondary School. I don't know what to say, I can't say I'm numb with grief or anything, I didn't know the teacher. But I know that she must have family who is grieving at this hour. I place my heartfelt sympathies with them now, in their time of pain. Sometimes I wish things like this would never happen, but reality deems the world otherwise. I am thankful that my brother was not hurt in this incident, or any other students for that matter. Then again, it could have easily been anyone who was killed. Again, my thoughts are with the family of Mrs. Candir. God Bless.