Friday, December 30, 2005

A Reflection on another Year

This year is one day short of completion, so I will hereby take the time to reflect on it. The year 2005 was filled with a mix of good and bad events. It was far from the best year that I have had, but the year was not lost either. This past June, me and my hunny got engaged, I have adopted a new family and everyone is starting to get along.
As for the negative points of this year, I would rather not remember them at this point. At this point, it seems that the bad is behind us, with only more good to come. It seems as though I am ending this year slightly sick, therefore not having any plans for New Year's.
Other than that, we have received word that family members (in both cases, grandmothers) are having a difficult time. I hope and pray with the families that all will be well in the near future.
To everyone else, best wishes for the new year of 2006 and here's hoping that it will bring you peace, prosperity and good times.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Heading out to Party! Posted by Picasa

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Updates on the Christmas Weekend

Well, it was a busy weekend, and I have eaten turkey now for four consecutive days. The Christmas day celebrations at my uncle and aunt's place were quite a success. Lots of food and singing!

Happy Holidays to all!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Just one of those days...

Today I revelled in my day off work. Woke up around 11am, and spent the day doing nothing productive at all. Must say it felt fantastic!

Had a bit of a rough night last night, but it was a good day at work (translation: many good tips for the day). Looking forward to the rest of the week now. Hunny came over to drop off a few books (for the McLuhan essay).

Wednesday: Down into T.O. for a day out with mother. Going to the AGO and some shopping (yikes!).

Thursday: Brother leaves on a four day trip, I work all day, and then attend staff X-mas party.

Friday: Work again all day.

Saturday: Church, then heading to over to visit with my hunny's family for a few hours.

Sunday: A day at my aunt and uncle's place.

Busy busy me! At some point I still have to write that darned McLuhan essay.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Who Wants Some Cookies?

Addendum to my last post:
Friday was spent making ten dozen sugar cookies (in various Xmas shapes). Anybody out there want some cookies?

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat...

Well, here we are a week away from Christmas, and I have become nearly non-existant in blogging land. Over this last little while, I have been working quite a bit, and on the other side, getting screwed over by work quite a bit.
Last week, mother and I went to see Movin' Out, which we enjoyed quite a bit. This coming week we are going to see the Catherine the Great Show down at the AGO.
All things aside, life is fairly good, no major upsets to speak of. A week from today, I am taking my honey over to my uncle and aunt's house for his first Xmas with my family. It most likely will be an interesting event.
That's all for now, and since I will be working for the rest of the week, Happy Holidays to All!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Looking Back on a Year

I know it is not exactly a year to the date when I started this blog, but it is getting close. In the last year, there have been many different changes that have shaped my life, both for the good and for the bad.
Looking back now, I am glad I started this blog, it has been a place where I have been able to release a lot of the tension related to life. Hope you all have enjoyed keeping up with my confusing life.